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Two takes on the Olympics

October 2, 2009

Why didn’t Chicago get the 2016 Olympics?

Chris Bowers: Because we’re corrupt, power-hungry, carbon-spewing, torturing, evil bastards and the IOC was right to spurn us.

Moe Lane: Because we’re not loud, obnoxious and vulgar enough and we failed make it clear that we couldn’t care less what the rest of the world thinks of us.


Flying Whale


Teabaggers in DC

September 12, 2009

Sometimes RedState is my favorite website ever.

Today, a whole lot of people marched in DC against, uh, government. They weren’t anarchists, they were teabaggers. Most media outlets are citing estimates that there were probably between 50 and 100 thousand of them. But RedState goes off the deep end and declares, TWO MILLION march on Washington! On the other side, Josh Marshall accepts a figure of 60 to 70 thousand and writes a post titled, “Small Protest Against Big Govt.”

Come on. Can’t we agree that 70,000 people is a lot, and more than many of us would have expected? It’s not small, and it’s certainly not two million.

Anyway, I also love RedState for posts like this one, with a slew of photos of signs from today’s march. My favorite sign in this whole mess is right near the beginning: “If Abortion Had Not Killed 53,000,000 Babies We’d Have Plenty Of Money For Medicare and Social Security.” I believe it’s important to understand where people are coming from, but sometimes, as here, one is confronted with utterly nonsensical statements and such a good-faith effort is bound to fail spectacularly.

Flying Whale