This makes me a little crazy

August 21, 2009

A quickie item in DCist today reads:

The Post reports that girls entering the sixth grade in District schools are being encouraged to get a vaccine against HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. The vaccine, which was approved by the FDA in 2006, remains controversial, with some opponents arguing that it has not been tested enough and others claiming that it would encourage schoolgirls to have sex earlier. In both the District and Virginia, parents can opt out of having their daughters vaccinated; the District abandoned a plan to make the vaccine mandatory a few years ago. [emphasis added]

Vaccine too expensive? OK, that’s a legitimate issue. Vaccine relatively untested? Potentially serious issue. Vaccine will cause kids to have sex? What?

Seriously, isn’t this is a public health issue more than it is a sex and morality issue? I mean, Hepatitis B is sexually transmitted, does that mean that when these parents’ infants are given a Hep B vaccination, they worry that the kid is going to have sex too early in life?

And, have I just successfully created a post written almost entirely in the interrogative?

Flying Whale


One comment

  1. Yes. It is indeed a public health (and an individual health!) issue. Amen.

    Less important, but equally baffling. Do these parents really think that cervical cancer a few decades from now is really an active thought for most young women considering sexual debut? Pregnancy–probably. STDs as a group–hopefully. But HPV specifically? I just can’t quite imagine anyone answering that with a definitive yes.

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