A Comment on Comments

August 19, 2009

It’s an unfortunate reality that comment spam is ubiquitous. For this reason, all comments by new commenters must be moderated before they appear on the blog. We very much welcome your thoughts, including (especially!) opposing views. The purpose of this blog is to allow us to engage in thoughtful dialogue with ourselves and others, and comments are obviously a central part of that discussion.

That said, comments that are overtly offensive will not be approved. Comments that are asinine rants that add nothing to intelligent discourse, but instead seek to derail it, will not be approved. Also, comments that are completely irrelevant to the post in question will not be approved, even if they make otherwise intelligent points.

Any comments that are not offensive, devoid of content or irrelevant will likely be approved quickly, regardless of whether or not we happen to agree or disagree with you. We will also try to respond to comments rather than letting them float in the ether, unattended to.

Thanks for your attention!

Flying Whale

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