List of Enemies?

August 13, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This clip drives me more than slightly crazy (watch it all the way through; the punch is at the end). But rather than waste time on an analysis it doesn’t deserve, I’ll just ask this: why didn’t SOMEBODY suggest that folks delete email addresses from the body of the email BEFORE they forward it on the White House?

The White House can’t legally delete emails; people with their facts wrong don’t want to be identified. Seems like there is a relatively elegant solution to this conundrum…




  1. I can’t watch this crap. But I like how Bill Burton has this permanently amused look on his face whenever he’s talking to Megyn Kelly. If he has an enemies list she’s probably near the top.

    • I appreciate that. I certainly didn’t *enjoy* watching it, but I do think there is a lot to learn from in that clip. For starters, if I’d started out watching that segment with any suspicions about whether or not the White House was creating a list of enemies, I’d have finished it even more convinced. Regardless of what you think of a question, refusing to answer it always makes you look guilty.

  2. That said, I do have to say that I like that the Obama administration appears to have a made a decision early on not to take Fox News particularly seriously or pretend that they’re a real news outlet.

    • You like it because it matches up with what you think of Fox News or your like it because you think it’s a good strategic decision?

      • Both. The more the point is made by relatively reputable people that the media (including but not limited to Fox News) is not objective and should not be treated as such, the better.

      • I agree that it’s “better” for addressing our appalling media illiteracy longterm. I’m not sure that it’s “better” for the Obama Administration. In both those clips, Bill Burton comes off looking somewhere between smug and condescending. Maybe the folks watching Fox News aren’t the folks that the Obama Administration has any plans of winning over. But if they are, this can’t be a good strategy.

      • Fair enough. Although, if the administration didn’t call out Fox News for b.s. sooner than later, I don’t think that leaves them in a very good place either.

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